Feb 4, 2012: Favorites at The Flea Market

TOP 12 OF 2011
The Insider's Guide to Washington,

DC, a weekly blog published by Cultural Tourism DC (CTDC), has listed Eastern Market in the "Top 12 of 2011" among more than 150 places recommended to visit by notable Washingtonians who were asked to share their "top five favorite attractions" during each week last year.

The market was ranked third among the favorites, which included several prominent national Washington destinations. CTDC linked readers to The Flea Market at Eastern Market CTDC member page. The complete list is here

The member page also reminded readers that we continue to be open every Sunday this winter. "We've been a year round market now for several years," said Diverse Markets Management (DMM) President Michael Berman, the flea market manager. "But this year, so far at least, we've experienced unseasonably nice weather, which has spurred record exhibitor and customer attendance.

"During January and February we've also been offering reduced rates to exhibitors and that's helped too," he concluded. For more information on the winter season: EasternMarket.net 

Photo Show, Sunday March 11

Berman also asked us to remind contemporary photographers, who are interested in participating in DMM's D.C. Antique Photo and Postcard Shows at the Holiday Inn Rosslyn Sunday, March 11, that they should apply soon as space is limited. DMM announced expansion of the annual spring show to include a third sales room devoted to contemporary photographers in November.

Now in its fourth year of managing the 28 year old show, DMM previously announced addition of a postcards room. DMM Show Manager Tom Rall said, "The show has always been devoted to images. And certainly postcards feature photography along with other collectible artist-created imagery. Adding contemporary photographers seemed a natural for the mix.

"We hope to feature some photographers who work in historical processes, even daguerreotypes and film," he continued. "And we'll also try to recruit artistic photographers who exhibit at our other shows."

The combined 29th annual D.C. Antique Photo and Postcard Shows will be held 9:30 AM to 4 PM, Sunday, March 11, 2012, at the Holiday Inn Rosslyn, 1900 N. Ft. Myer Dr., Arlington, VA 22209. For more information visit AntiquePhotoShow.com or contact Rall, 703-534-8220. 

Area residents have been asked to both comment upon and take a survey about the planned redevelopment of the Hine School where The Flea Market at Eastern Market is celebrating its 20th anniversary on its outdoor spaces on Sundays and another flea continues on Saturdays. The survey is being conducted by D.C. Area Neighborhood Commission 6B (ANC6B), which will represent the community in negotiations with developers and the city as the approval process moves towards conclusion.

Berman, in comments published in a Capitol Hill discussion group, recently expressed concerns that the proposed project will inadequately support continuation of the numerous small businesses that currently participate in the flea markets. He said he estimated that no more than 35 useable spaces would be available under the proposal in contrast to 150 available now. Berman also suggested that a transition plan to accommodate flea market exhibitors during the construction phase needs to be publicly discussed.

"We do hope to be able to work with ANC6B, the City and the developers in implementing both transitional and long term plans for continued participation of flea market exhibitors," he concluded, while urging readers to take the survey, which can be found here.