Mar 2, 2009: 26th Season for Flea Market

WASHINGTON, DC (March 2, 2009)--The traditional March opening of The Flea Market at Eastern Market, Sundays on Capitol Hill, has kicked off its 26th year of continuous operation under Show Manager Tom Rall.

"This year is one of great optimism for the historic Eastern Market, originally opened in 1873," he continued, noting that a complete reconstruction of the market, begun after a devastating fire in April 2007, is expected to be completed and a grand reopening celebrated sometime this summer.

"Eastern Market should continue to serve as a neighborhood hub for Capitol Hill throughout the rest of the century," Rall said. "I'm sure the merchants," who have been operating in a temporary East Hall across Seventh Street SE from the building since August 2007, "will be glad to move back to their familiar quarters."
In the meantime, despite construction disruptions, business continues at Eastern Market.

"#1 Antique Photo Image Show in US"
Coincidentally, the DC Antique Photo Show will also make its 26th annual spring appearance Sunday March 15, 2009, at its regular venue, Holiday Inn Rosslyn/Key Bridge, 1900 N. Ft. Myer Dr., Arlington, VA 22209, with Rall as its new show manager.

Probably the longest running photo image show in the country, it features a full range of antique photo imagery, including Daguerreotypes, CDVs, stereoviews, lantern slides, tintypes, postcards, albums, movie stills, press photos and more. The change was announced last October by Michael Berman, president of Diverse Markets Management (DMM), a DC firm which spun out of The Flea Market at Eastern Market in 2005 and last summer purchased the show from its previous owner.

DMM adds this show to its other markets it runs, including the popular Downtown DC Holiday Market, which will celebrate its 5th season in December; Crystal Market in Arlington's Crystal City, and Riverfront Holiday Market in DC, both of which were inaugurated in 2008.
As part of its introductory year, DMM has arranged to have expert exhibitors affiliated with several photo related historical societies offer free appraisal consultations. Participating in the program will be members of The Daguerreain Society, National Stereoscopic Association, The Photo Historical Societies of Canada and New England and Magic Lantern Societies, both US and UK.

"Customers should bring photos with them and should ask at the entrance table to be directed to the expert exhibitors who've volunteered to participate," said Rall. The DC Antique Photo Show opens with an 8:30 AM $20 preview admission and continues 10 AM to 4 PM with a $5 public admission.

"Popular Destination Thrives"
The February 25 edition of "The Hill" newspaper published a neighborhood guide to Capitol Hill in which Eastern Market was the featured story.

Accompanied by bright and colorful pictures of the Blue Iris flower stall in the East Hall and the Seventh Street Exhibitors Row, Reporter Kate Oczypok's story captured both some of the history of the market and its contemporary feel through a series of interviews with exhibitors and customers.
It can be read here: The Hill newspaper

In a recent letter to long time permanent exhibitors, Rall announced several changes at The Flea Market at Eastern Market.

"Single table and half size spaces have been eliminated," Rall wrote. "This reflects the fact that the District of Columbia Office of Property Management has, as of January 1st, apparently evicted Market 5 Gallery, with whom I had contracted for flea market management on Sundays at Eastern Market for the previous 25 years, and itself taken over management of the outdoor markets there.

"That change necessitated a reduction in staff and a rent increase for our larger spaces, though we have retained a discount for the largest. We have also added a one time non-refundable $25 application fee, which will apply to new exhibitor applications only.

"I continue to hold a contract at Hine School through this year, with an option to renew for 2010, and do appreciate your continued business," he concluded. The Flea Market at Eastern Market expanded to the Hine School location, adjacent to the temporary East Hall, in 1992.