Mar 2, 2018: Flea Market Enters 35th Season


2018 marks the 35th anniversary the Flea Market at Eastern Market, created by Tom Rall on the Eastern Market sidewalk and farmers line when Eastern Market itself was closed on Sundays.

Through most of those years, Tom, and then DMM 13 years ago, relied on a trusted, time-tested, reliable individual to keep track of all of the hundreds (nay thousands?) of exhibitors that have exhibited with us, Vernon Burnett.
As of last Friday, Vernon has determined he is hanging it up. I wish to express my deep gratitude and appreciation for his commitment for many years spent with both DMM and Tom in providing a much needed service in managing exhibitor reservations, payments, status and reports as well assistance on site at the Flea Market.  His dedication to the market and to its participants will be remembered and honored.
Therefore, we are undergoing a change in procedures. Dave Wright will be managing the market and handling all vendor applications, assignments, payments and reservations. By Thursday of each week preceding the Sunday in which you intend to exhibit, please contact us at or call or text Dave at 202-817-9013. Also, if your contact info has changed, please let us know.
We will continue our winter rates through March and then will resume our seasonal prices for the first Sunday in April.
In other news, our agreement for the closed-to-traffic 7th Street was to end in May with the City to issue an RFP for future management. Instead, the City is now undergoing an extensive strategic planning process to assess the whole market area with a report issued in November 2018. Thus we have been assured that our agreement for 7th Street will be extended until at least November.

I also want to mention that with sadness we note the passing of long-time exhibitor Jerry Minkin. Jerry was a core market participant who, although irascible, was much beloved for both his eccentricity and wealth of knowledge on all things vintage and antique as well as for his eccentric and rare finds he would bring each week. We will miss his presence and all the unique objects he brought to the market, like the boxes of letterpress letters.





A reminder about operations and regulations at the market: Because of the complicated traffic logistics involved in accommodating vendors in two locations, we rely on you to arrive on time and according to instructions relayed to you by our staff. 

The load-in and traffic pattern is as follows:
• All vehicles enter the market area at the 7th and Pennsylvania.
• Large vehicle vendors and large or complicated product display vendors should arrive between 6-7am.
• Staff will greet you at the entrance and wave you in to the market.
• Set up along 7th Street continues in the same current pattern.
• Vendors setting up on C St Plaza will be waved in at the C St intersection and shown their space.
• C Street is very narrow. Park right to the edge of the booth space so as to allow vehicles to pass.
• All vendors unload, park and then return to set-up.
Garage parking for $8 is a new amenity we are happy to extend to you:
• The new development has reserved 50 spaces for the markets use at half price inside the new garage.
• The garage easily accommodates all cargo vans, SUVs and any vehicle 8 ft tall.
• Access the garage from C Street near to 8th. Vendors on the plaza enter directly after unloading.  Vendors on 7th Street, unless there is clear access through C Street, will exit left on C Street to 6th and go around the block and enter the garage from 8th Street. The public access to the garage is from 8th Street.
• Enter the garage and take a ticket. All-day parking in the garage is $16. Park in any spot.    Proceed to elevator to ground level. You will exit onto 7th Street approximately across from Bullfrog Bagels.  Bring ticket to Dave for validation. At the end of the day, return to the elevator entrance and put ticket into kiosk. It will now say $8 is due. Pay by credit card (or cash).
• Oversize trucks and trailers can be accommodated at the market in the Loading Dock area on 7th Street. Enter and park in the loading dock with staff instruction and supervision.       The overhead door is opened and closed via staff only. Access to your vehicle during the day may be accommodated through the lobby entrance to the building on Pennsylvania Ave. Loading dock parking is $10, payable to staff.
The load-out and traffic pattern is as follows:
• 7th Street vendors enter the market area at the 7th and Pennsylvania. Loading dock vehicles will be given assistance in entering 7th Street.
• Loading along 7th Street continues in the same current pattern.
• C St Plaza vendors enter from 8th Street or from the exit of the garage.
• All vendors exit the area on C Street towards 6th in the same current pattern.
A reminder regarding a few of our most important rules:
• All permanent assigned exhibitors must be prepaid at least one week in advance.
• If prepayment is used on any Sunday, exhibitor must reinstate prepayment prior to returning to market.
• To retain prepayment, an exhibitor must contact management by Thursday at 5pm prior to any Sunday in which they are cancelling their reservation. No-shows forfeit their prepayment.
• Vendors must stay within their space. No product, display or seating may impede pedestrian traffic, the fire lane, or the public sidewalk in front of stores.
Most importantly, it is imperative that you communicate with us on your schedule in one of the following ways.
• Let Dave know if you plan on returning the next week when he comes to collect.
• Email us during the week at
• Call or text Dave at 202-817-9013.
• If you have am emergency Sunday morning preventing you from showing or arriving on time, text or call Dave.
Looking forward to a great and profitable season with you. With deep appreciation,
Mike Berman
President, Diverse Markets Management