May 10, 2005: Featured in Washington Post


Washington, D.C., May 10, 2005—The Flea Market at Eastern Market was prominently featured among area flea markets in a May 6 Washington Post Weekend section cover story titled "To Market, To Market."

Though the story mentioned several area flea markets, all five photographs illustrating the article focused solely on The Flea Market at Eastern Market, Manager Tom Rall proudly pointed out.

"It's probably one of the most diverse markets in the country, if not the world," the writer quoted Rall, who has managed the weekly market since 1984. "What started out as vendors from five states hawking antiques and collectibles evolved into a multicultural marketplace featuring goods from five continents," continued the article.

Calling it "the [city's] largest outdoor market, and the largest that operates year-round," the story also mentioned, "the venue can accommodate 175 vendors, and has a waiting list of 600 exhibitors".

The article particularly focused on product diversity, and distinctly upon crafts and import exhibitors. "We support whole villages of people that are textile makers, especially during the Christmas season," the story quoted Rall.

Exhibitors featured included Dhondup Dighng, Chris Cargill, Moses Camara, and Javid Mahajan. The entire article can be found online at: The Washington Post Joins Local and National Organizations:
Our flea market and web site management team are members of several related organizations and recently joined, among others, Cultural Tourism DC and The Project for Public Spaces.

Cultural Tourism DC is a grassroots, nonprofit coalition of more than 140 arts, heritage, cultural, and community organizations throughout Washington, DC. It also promotes economic development and hometown appreciation of the capital's rich variety of heritage and arts attractions.

The organization markets to both locals and tourists who want to find "the authentic character of the places" they visit.

Eastern Market, the only remaining continuous operating market in the city, "fits the definition for Cultural Tourism's mission so well that our association is only natural," said Rall.

For more information on the organization:

Project for Public Spaces (PPS) is a New York City-based nonprofit corporation specializing in the planning, design and management of public spaces. PPS's objective is to improve public spaces so they are more active, attractive, comfortable and enjoyable.

"We've admired PPS for several years," Rall said. "Of particular interest is its highly-acclaimed seminar How to Create Successful Markets, which Michael Berman and I will attend next week in New York City."

Berman, who recently joined our management team, is responsible for the development of new markets for us to manage in the metropolitan area.

For information on the PPS seminar: