May 14, 2014: Clarendon Night Market Cancelled

The Clarendon Night Market, first scheduled to open in Arlington, VA Saturday and later rescheduled to launch Saturday, May 31, has been cancelled by Diverse Markets Management (DMM), the Washington-based firm that was to manage the market.

DMM President Michael Berman made the announcement yesterday in a letter to exhibitor applicants. "Although we have high hopes and strong interest for a market in Clarendon," Berman said "problems arose that we could not overcome in a timely way.

"Because we determined that the market would not meet our promotion standards," Berman wrote, "we took the unprecedented step of pulling out from an event for which we had already announced and accepted applications.

"We are still very interested and remain active in searching for a new location in Clarendon and are still committed to the Night Market concept," he continued. "We hope we can in the future produce an event in Clarendon, as we know how interested the exhibitor community is in this particular area. In the meantime, we are working hard on producing other markets that we feel will be good ones for us all."

Berman said DMM has many other opportunities that are diligently being pursued and plans to make exciting announcements for other activity, both the 10th Annual Downtown Holiday Market, which DMM has managed since inception, "and other expansion," soon.