Jun 7, 2007: Open for Business at Eastern Market

Through the efforts of the Capitol Hill Community Foundation, assisted by an exhibitor relief fund committee, an ad campaign has begun to make the metro area aware that Eastern Market is open for business, despite the upheavals related to the April 30 fire in South Hall of historic Eastern Market, Communications Director Michael Berman announced today.

"It's essential people understand that the interdependent Market activities continue to operate. This campaign will go a long way to getting the word out" Berman promised.

The idea spun, in part, from brainstorming sessions of the Exhibitor Relief Fund, chaired by photographer- exhibitor Steve Miller. "The committee came together to assess exhibitors needs in wake of the tragedy. We found that what we needed was not necessarily relief, but rather business," Miller explained. "Thus the Relief Fund Committee became a marketing committee, and we set about ideas for bringing business back to the Market."

The ad, designed by Edge Advertising, is targeting several audiences and takes into account all of the different market businesses. The message that the Market is open while being restored will be published in several media.

A special thanks goes to Nicky Cymrot and Gary Peterson of The Capitol Hill Community Foundation's highly successful "Eastern Market, Keep It Going" fund raising campaign which provided much of the financing for the advertising. The organization is also contributing to other aspects of the Market's needs including signage and equipment for the merchants. Donations are still needed and are being accepted both at the website and at their booth at Eastern Market on weekends.

Cymrot pointed out recently that most of the displaced market businesses are now operating outside under the Farmer's Line canopy. A list of South Hall merchants and their new operating schedules is posted at the Save Eastern Market website. Eastern Market- Keep It Going

Hine Schoolyard space evolves

A new, revised map has been posted of The Flea Market at Eastern Market's design for its operations on the Hine School property across from the market.

"It's been a management headache and we made some mistakes in the extremely short time we had to plan and execute the initial design," admitted manager Tom Rall.

"Work began much earlier than we expected" on the new temporary structure for the displaced food merchants which is being erected on a part of the property.

"The construction is a very positive development that will have all of the displaced merchants back up and running soon," Rall said in praising the City's response to the fire. "But, quite frankly, we were not used to such government efficiency. Ironically, we didn't plan for that."

Rall said the response of the community to the fire typifies the reasons Eastern Market was recently nominated for a Great Neighborhood Award as part of a "Great Places in America" program initiated by the American Planning Association.

Adiante Franzoon

Hand carved furniture craftsman Adiante Franzoon joins the ranks as the newest Featured Exhibitor at EasternMarket.net.

Carrying on the traditional Maroon carving of his ancestors, Franzoon explains, "I want to make unique objects that my clients will consider heirlooms to hand down to their children. When they speak of my work, they can tell about how each object was crafted, because when I am commissioned to create a piece, I collaborate closely with the client in the decision making process."

Franszoon's work has been exhibited at the Smithsonian Museum in Washington, the Walters Art Museum in Baltimore and most recently at the Black History Museum in Richmond, Virginia. You can find him every Sunday inside the North Hall's Market 5 Gallery. Watch him carve while there.