Jun 8, 2006: Travels to Eastern Market

June 8, 2006—Eastern Market gets an island review!


The Flea Market at Eastern Market and many of its exhibitors were featured in a cover article in the Travel section of El Nuevo Dia, a mainstream daily newspaper in Puerto Rico. The article, titled "Washington and its Markets" was published April 23rd.
“The article is about what Washingtonians like to do in the beginning of spring. I wrote it from my own perspective stating how much I love the markets, specially the Eastern Market. I mention two of my favorite artists -- Victor and Otto as well as describe in detail the artifacts sold from all over the world. I also make a point that the "flea market" is not the typical used/vintage stuff, that even though you may find those, you also may get great new, internationally concocted articles sold at great prices” said writer Laura Anduze.
“I love it so much that I go even when I have nothing to purchase. I know some of the vendors/artists by name, and I love their stuff...” Ms. Anduze went on to say. “I got great reviews for" the article.
Although no link is currently available for the article, we are sending along some of the wonderful images that accompanied the article.


One of the most popular sections on EasternMarket.net just added a new face. The Featured Exhibitor page highlights individual exhibitors and their products and provides images and direct links to their own business websites.

Larry Gallo, featuring his handcrafted jewelry business Stio Design, is the latest exhibitor to sign up for the reasonably priced service. Stio Design handcrafts one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces, including rings, pendants, earrings, and cuff links, using ancient coins that make each piece wearable, historical art. It is an exciting blend of classic and modern that takes the wearer back to an earlier age.

Check out Larry’s page and his own website for more information about his jewelry and meet our other Featured Exhibitors and get to know them and their products better.


If you have a business, product or service that you think would benefit from the many and varied number of folks that go to EasternMarket.net, then you will be interested to learn that the website is now accepting and selling ad space on its front page.

“Eastern Market.net received over 2.5 million hits last year and we are on our way to breaking that record this year'” enthused website owner Tom Rall.

“Front page ads will be available in 3 sizes and in addition to linking directly to your site, we will track and report those “click-through” numbers to you”, said Michael Berman, who will be coordinating the activity for the website.

Additionally, ads, sponsorships and coupons are available for the newsletter. For more information and ad rates on these and other promotional possibilities, contact Michael at mberman@his.com.