Jul 13, 2006: Discoveries at Eastern Market

July 13, 2006—Cameras were rolling at Eastern Market.


A Discovery Channel film crew caught the bustling Flea Market at Eastern Market, as well as Market merchants inside the building, on film this past weekend. Its all part of a series for Discovery’s Travel Channel, one of the US’s top cable networks.

Stephanie Sapienza, Associate Producer for Discovery Productions stated, “Not Your Average Travel Guide is a series of half hour travel guides for real people hosted by Travel Guides, also real people, who bring the audience along on a personalized tour of some of the world’s best cities, amazing places and exciting events.

Rather than your typical “sightseeing” experience, NYATG offers a real and accessible approach to travel.

"The must-see attractions will be experienced in a whole new way; based on the tips and feedback of the locals and others who have been there and through a personal experience that they can relate to. The tour will also bring the viewer the secret treasures and unconventional specialties that are hidden away in these locales – that only the locals know about. Viewers will be empowered with the knowledge of how to do a trip right, and walk away with the most sensational tailor-made experience ever.”

Sundays at Eastern Market is the insider tip for “off- the-beaten-path” locations in the upcoming series for Washington DC. The young crew interviewed several exhibitors and customers. The show is expected to air in November.
It is a brand new series with only a preliminary website at this time, but viewers can send in their travel tips and suggestions at: Discovery's Travel Channel


Last year another film crew was at Eastern Market on a Sunday to capture the essence of the Flea Market and other DC locations for a special documentary series called Discoveries- America. The documentary, part of a Cultural Travel series produced by Bennett-Watt Entertainment, is an “on-the-road” style program where viewers “meet real people and places that are part of the core of American character” said producer Jim Watt.

Flea Market at Eastern Market manager Tom Rall succinctly summed up the Eastern Market experience in a program interview as a unique destination “with over 175 exhibitors who know and often produce their product, where the butcher cuts your choice of meat in front of you and there are no bar codes”. The Washington D.C. show, as well as films on numerous other cities and countries, is available on DVD and is shown periodically on HDTV stations.

More information on the company and to purchase DVD’s go to: Discoveries...America Washington D.C.

Rall also reported that A Flea Market Documentary, which was released in 2001 and contains an Eastern Market segment, is still being shown on PBS stations around the country. "I saw it in New Jersey two weeks ago and had a friend from Hollywood also mention that he had seen me on TV recently."

Check local PBS schedules or order a copy at: A Flea Market Documentary


One of the most popular sections, the Featured Exhibitor page on EasternMarket.net, has just added a new face.

Cynthia Cargill, owner of Southerland House Art and Framing, specializes in selling original artwork by Christopher Cargill and Cynthia Cargill, authentic vintage advertisements and Life magazines, vintage prints and posters, and also does custom framing. You can see them every weekend in the Hine School playground.

The Featured Exhibitor page highlights individual exhibitors and their products and provides images and direct links to their business websites.

See their Featured Exhibitor page, with a link to their own website, for more information about their offerings: Featured Exhibitor Cynthia Cargill