Aug 3, 2005: Eastern Market Style


Washington, DC, August 3, 2005-- A new magazine recently hit the street that hopes to be the leading arbiter of what is hot, cool and happening in DC. It.s called DC Style and, of course, the premier issue had to have a story about going to flea markets featuring The Flea Market at Eastern Market, held Sundays on Capitol Hill.

Headlined "To Market, To Market. Flee the malls in favor of open-air shopping," the article said, "Congressmen, lawyers, lobbyists, ambassadors, socialites and celebrities mingle among the table-browsing masses.

"Vendors come from all corners of the globe; most are truly skilled artisans and salesmen," it continued. "Eastern Market attracts world-class artisans, many of whom have moved on to sell at prominent galleries in the area and even open their own boutiques after starting small at the Market. The Taxco Sterling Co. jewelry store chain, for example, started selling exclusively at Eastern Market.

"The market has been featured in mainstream Hollywood movies, on public television documentaries and in countless publications from the area and around the country.

"We like to think we're celebrities; we're doing something unique here," it quotes Flea Market Manager Tom Rall in describing his fellow exhibitors.

The piece also points out what a magnet the event has become. "Rall says his flea market is one of the top draws in the area with visitor numbers that compare to major event venues such as the MCI Center and the Washington Convention Center. Now entering its 22nd season, the market has more than 15,000 customers who visit on warm summer Saturday and Sundays."

Clearly, DC Style has its finger on the hot spots. Visit their website at

 Public Market Conference in DC

 The 6th International Public Markets Conference is coming to Washington October 28-31, 2005, and Eastern Market will play a significant role.

It will host a reception for the expected 400 participants. Market 5 Gallery, the Eastern Market Community Advisory Committee, The Flea Market at Eastern Market and Eastern Market Joint Venture, Market Master, are expected to be among the sponsors.

The reception will follow an opening day tour of markets in the Washington-Baltimore Metropolitan area. The overall event, sponsored by Project for Public Spaces, will explore and celebrate the vital role of markets in revitalizing towns and cities as well as nuts and bolts issues.

For more information and to register, visit:

 New Featured Exhibitors has grown with the addition of three new exhibitors to the Featured Exhibitors page. We welcome fine jewelry designer Jennifer Eubank, fine artist Kazem Shirazi and fine artist Dan Kessler to the feature for online Eastern Market visitors. Watch for new additions soon.

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The kick off event for the Adolph Cluss celebration, announced in our last newsletter, garnered coverage from The Washington Post in its District Weekly section July 28. The article, by Staff Writer Robert Pierre, can be found at