Aug 18, 2014: A Customer Thank You From The Market


A Thousand Dollars in Customer Gift Certificates redeemable Sundays through Christmas at The Flea Market at Eastern Market, 7th & C Streets SE on Capitol Hill, was announced today by Tom Rall, founder of the popular flea, which he named in 1984.
Rall, currently Communications Director for Diverse Markets Management (DMM), the spin-off company which now manages the flea market and other popular area markets, said "We haven't done a promotion like this since we celebrated our 25th Anniversary in April 2008 and we're now in our 31st season." See the 2008 announcement in our archives here.
"Then we managed the entire non-food market around Eastern Market as well as our current space at the former Hine School," Rall reminisced. "I am still proud that we had grown from a handful of exhibitors each Sunday to nearly 200 small businesses from around the region and the world."
Noting that a court decision last week "will probably allow redevelopment of the school property to begin sometime early next year," he said later on, "the construction will cut back the number of businesses operating outdoors each week substantially. So it's a great time to say thank you to all our loyal customers, some 7,500 of whom subscribe to this newsletter."
Twenty-Five $25 gift certificates and seventy-five $5 gift certificates will be mailed to the first 100 subscribers to send an email with both your name and "Free Gift" on the subject line to Tom Rall.

"I know it's not a flashy promotion like you'd expect from a multi-national corporation, but it's truly a sincere thank you to the thousands of exhibitors and millions of customers who've come to the market since we started in the spring of 1984. Each and every one has contributed to making The Flea Market at Eastern Market a unique place and I am blessed to work there," Rall concluded. "Thank you all for a very special experience."


DMM President Michael Berman announced that the application deadline for The Tysons Corner Christmas Market has been extended from tomorrow through September 2, the day after Labor Day.
Berman said the extension "will give exhibitors who were unable to get all of the dates they wanted at other Holiday markets a chance to pick up other important December sales opportunities."
 In the original show announcement, Berman wrote DMM is "... pleased to announce the second annual Tysons Corner Center Christmas Market. This event will be a spectacular outdoor shopping experience inspired by the traditional German Christmas Markets. The event will take place for 20 days during prime holiday shopping time. It will open Friday, December 5, and will run through Wednesday, December 24. Hours will be from 11am-9pm each day, ending at 4pm, December 24.
"Located on the grand new Plaza at new mall entrances from the Silver Line Metro, the festival will be in a spectacular new space surrounded by amenities, including an ice skating rink, a recently opened office tower, a new Lord & Taylor entrance, a Shake Shack, and outdoor seating around fire pits.   A stage, dazzling Christmas tree, entertainment, beer garden and other festive and engaging activity will support the intimate gift purchasing and fun shopping experience of the market for 20+ exhibitor booths, plus a large outdoor, tented German merchandiser, Kathe Wohlfahrt store."
Information and applications for all DMM-managed markets can be found HERE.


Berna Rodman wrote us this week: "I am so crazy happy that I immediately wanted to share with you. I just received the news that my new style ALYA collection towel is selected "winner" at NY NOW," a prestigious, international trade show.

You can see Berna's product line here and see Berna in person here