Oct 5, 2009: Advertising With Us

EasternMarket.net attracts more than 3.5 million hits each year and this newsletter now reaches more than 5,700 subscribers and the list is growing rapidly," Tom Rall, site owner, said today. 
"Now is the time for you to consider advertising with us," urged Rall. "While we're particularly interested in having Eastern Market exhibitors participate in our Featured Exhibitor, search engine and newsletter programs; we also offer flash ad modules and links at the site to other advertisers as well.
"With a low ad set up fee of only $85, any advertiser can get a home page ad for as low as $65 a month.  And members of CHAMPS, the Capitol Hill Association of Merchants and Professionals, will receive an additional 15 percent discount," Rall continued. "Capitol Hill realtors and other businesses and nonprofits should be particularly interested." 
Non Exhibitors can also be featured on the EasternMarket.net links page for less than $15 a month, according to a recent Ad rate sheet for the site. 
The newsletter offers a variety of options, including a calendar listing for only $25 and sponsorship or promotional ad or coupon with web link for only $100 per issue.
To receive our Ad rate sheet email us or call Rall for further information at 703-534-8220. 

DMM's new Downtown Farmers Market
Liberty Market, a new farmers market, has opened 2:30 to 6:30 Tuesdays near the corner of 7th & K Sts. NW  on the grounds of the old Carnegie Library, which houses the Historical Society of Washington, DC (HSW) at Mt. Vernon Square.
The opening was announced by our related company, Diverse Markets Management (DMM), which recently signed a contract  with HSW through 2010 to manage and develop both the weekly farmers market, planned to run through November 24, and an expanded Saturday market, "which will probably roll out next Spring," DMM President Michael Berman said.
"We're excited to begin recruiting and promoting our first farmers market," continued Berman, whose firm also manages The Downtown Holiday Market, which will celebrate its fifth anniversary beginning December 4 on the F Street NW sidewalk in front of the National Portrait Gallery, and the art market at Arts on Foot also held there last month, both produced by the Downtown DC Business Improvement District, the latter in cooperation with Penn Quarter Neighborhood Association.
Liberty Market takes its name from the historical use of Mt.Vernon Square, where the Northern Liberty Market, a public market house serving the primarily immigrant local neighborhood, then called Northern Liberties, was located from 1846 into1872.
Farmers and providers of fresh foods and locally  prepared goods are encouraged to apply online at Diverse Markets or by contacting Berman or 202-543-3370. 
More information on DMM is available at DiverseMarkets.net and on HSW at HistoryDC.org "Eventually we'll also showcase local musicians and local artists," Berman said.

Legal Market Matters
Rall announced that he recently retained Robert J. (Bob) Spagnoletti, a partner at the law firm Schertler & Onorato, to represent him in legal matters. 
Prior to joining the firm, Mr. Spagnoletti served as the first Attorney General for the District of Columbia and represented it in all of its diverse legal matters while settling numerous high-profile cases and authoring several opinions on unsettled areas of the law.
"I was extremely fortunate to get Bob," Rall said. "I'd like to thank my Sister-in-Law Marna Tucker, a past president of the District of Columbia Bar, for the referral that got me in the door."