Oct 22, 2007: Positive Press and America's Best Market

WASHINGTON, DC--Press reports and publicity have turned positive for Eastern Market since the return to business of merchants displaced from the South Hall, gutted by fire in April.

The attraction has been the late August opening of the market's "East Hall," a temporary structure, erected across Seventh Street SE from the original market, which will be used until restoration of the historic building (opened in 1873) is completed, projected for early 2009.

Among the story lines, the mid- September reopening of Market Lunch has perhaps attracted the most attention. But The Flea Market at Eastern Market on Sundays has also garnered prominent play.

An example was a lengthy piece in the Washington Times which featured mention of Tom Glasgow, founder of the popular breakfast and lunch spot, and later segued outside for reports on the weekend arts and crafts fair, flea markets and Farmers Line.

The online version contained a real gem--a four-plus minute slide show with accompanying audio that captured Glasgow's colorfully-cadenced counter work with customers and also an interview with Enise Han, proprietor of Silverado, a long-time north plaza business.

It's worth a look: Washington Times Video Slide Show
Market Lunch, accompanied by a photo of Glasgow at work, was also featured in the Washington Post food section last week by Restaurant Reviewer Tom Sietsema. Fire-Gutted Market Springs to Life


The newspapers and local TV stations flocked to the market on October 2nd for a press conference announcing that Eastern Market had been named one of the nation's 10 Best Neighborhoods by The American Planning Association.

"Eastern Market is the heart and soul of Capitol Hill," claimed Mayor Adrian Fenty at the event. Among the other great neighborhoods cited was another market-centered, Seattle's Pike Place Market, celebrating its 100th anniversary this year.
Reporting of the event again contained online bonuses, including a washingtonpost.com interview with flea market exhibitor Steve Miller.

Special mention for garnering the best neighborhood award should go to Donna Scheeder, Chair of the Eastern Market Community Advisory Committee, said Tom Rall, owner of easternmarket.net. "We were contacted about the nomination in early June," Rall continued, "and forwarded a series of questions about the neighborhood to Committee Chair Scheeder to follow up." Read it here

EasternMarket.net Featured Exhibitor Jean-Louis Monfraix recently received two awards for photographs submitted to the 2007 Nature's Best International Photography Competition. The winners were selected from more than 17,000 images submitted from 26 Countries.

They will be displayed beginning October 30th until next spring at the Nature's Best Photography Gallery in the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History on the Mall. Look for Monfraix's "Blue-Footed Booty Displaying" and "Cheetah Cubs at the National Zoo."

If you can't make the show, you can find the pictures at his web site: This View of Life