Nov 21, 2003: The Many Faces of Eastern Market


WASHINGTON, DC (Nov. 21)—“The Many Faces of the Market,” a photo essay, is now posted at, owner Tom Rall announced.

Including dozens of photos of exhibitors at The Flea Market at Eastern Market, the 12-page photo collage is the first major content addition since Rall purchased the site in 2000.

Bill Severe, a market exhibitor whose company, Ask1expert, recently formed a partnership with Rall, produced the photo display.

“For me Eastern Market has always been about the people,” Rall said, “and Severe has captured the great diversity among our exhibitors. I truly feel they make my job one of the most interesting in the world.

“In the future we plan to expand the essay to include more and more of the important people—the South Hall merchants; the Center Hall potters; the North Hall Market 5 Gallery, the Saturday Market Festival arts and crafts exhibitors and, finally, the customers without whose support we wouldn’t exist.”

The photos were taken the first Sunday in November, a 77F-degree day, and the next Sunday, a 50F-degree one with a wind chill near freezing. “It takes a strong, adaptable person to do this kind of work every week,” Rall said in admiring the determination of his fellow exhibitors.

Rall, who has managed the Sunday flea market for 20 years, is also an exhibitor, who sells vintage photographic lantern slides and stereoviews, contemporary art pottery, antique maps and prints along with a few other interesting items in inventory.

In other market news, Rall reported that Southern living magazine published a full page article: “Visit D.C.’s Eastern Market: When in Washington, do as the locals do. Spend a leisurely weekend morning shopping.”

Illustrated by three color photographs of the outdoor markets and Market Lunch, the article quotes both jewelry designer Jennifer Eubank and market manager Stuart Smith. Look for it on page 34 of the November issue.

Rall also announced that the work of a former exhibitor, artist and Capitol Hill resident Karen Currie, is on display at the Tunnicliffs, the popular tavern across from Eastern Market at 222 7th Street, SE, through November.