Nov 26, 2003: Free Gift Certificate Offer


WASHINGTON, DC (November 26)—A free Five Dollar Gift Certificate is being offered today to newsletter subscribers at, announced Tom Rall, owner of the web site.

The certificate will be good for shopping at The Flea Market at Eastern Market on Sundays only until Christmas, said Rall, also manager of the flea market.

To receive the certificate, designed as a postcard by Watercolorist Mary Belcher, also a flea market exhibitor, click on the "Gift Certificate" link to the side and fill out the online form.

More than 950 people have signed up for the newsletter, which can be accessed at two locations on the home page.

The website has recorded more than 500,000 visits since it first went online in March 2000, Rall said. More than 25,000 visits have been recorded so far this month. November 2003 will break the previous record, slightly more than 20,000 visits in a single month, Rall noted.

As promised by Rall, e-commerce and other enhancements to the website are in the works. Rall has partnered with Ask1expert, Inc. to help get the job done. Ask1expert, Inc. is a local computer services company and an exhibitor at Eastern Market. (

For additional information on the collaboration between Rall and Ask1expert see the "November 18th" press release link to the side.

Please stop by our new photo gallery highlighting the exhibitors at Eastern Market. The photo gallery is updated with pictures from this month. See the "Photo Essay" link to the side.