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Market Season Is Coming!
The Flea Market at Eastern Market Expands Back to 7th St SE

March 2nd, 2024 

Diverse Markets Management is excited to announce the return of the Flea Market at Eastern Market to pedestrian-friendly 7th St SE.

While the Flea Market has continuously been operating on C St Plaza on Capitol Hill most weekend days through the winter months, the larger seasonal layout and return of many hibernating vendors kicks off in March.     

The Flea Market at Eastern Market remains an essential space for small businesses, artists, and creative businesses to exhibit their products. From vintage fashion to one-of-a-kind artistic impressions, the Flea Market continues to be a creative force for the local culture. Alongside our colleagues in the Eastern Market Main Street corridor, we are optimistic for the season of our entire community.

For more market updates, follow the Flea Market at Eastern Market Facebook page and Flea Market Instagram (@fleamarketateasternmarket)!

Welcome Al!

As the grandson of longtime Eastern Market fixture and DMM employee Rudy Coates, Al Cleveland has been associated with the Flea Market at Eastern Market for most of his life. He worked for DMM for 5 years at various markets, as well as selling produce for Ashton Farms at DMM farmers markets.

Taking over the reins from longtime Flea Market manager "Big Dave" Wright, Al will assist with traffic control, space assignments, fee collection and bookkeeping. He further will supervise the clean-up at the end of day and is responsible for opening and closing down the flea market each weekend.

You can find Al every weekend at Eastern Market, carrying on the torch that Rudy passed him!  

Thank you Dave and Rene!

Dedicated Flea Market at Eastern Market Manager "Big Dave" Wright, along with fellow employee and wife, Renee, both beloved, have decided to hang up their clipboards, radios, and vendor engagement and retire.  

"It is with heartfelt gratitude and appreciation that we recognize your 18 years of consistent and reliable service, and also under Rudy and Tom Rall with the Flea Market at Eastern Market prior to DMM. We appreciate all the time, dedication, sacrifice and extensive travel in service to the markets." said Michael Berman, President of DMM, who hired Dave and then Renee when taking over the Flea from Rall. "Many thanks and enjoy your well-earned retirement in North Carolina" Berman further said.

Tom Rall Says Farewell to Eastern Market
 “For Me, It Was Always About the People”

HillRag    By Elizabeth O’Gorek - March 11, 2022

“It was my life’s work,” Tom Rall said, speaking of the Flea Market at Eastern Market, which he helped establish and expand.

“To me it means relationships with hundreds of wonderful people, going back through dozens of years.”

You probably know Tom Rall, even if you don’t know you do. He is the man in the hat, the Eastern Market seller who until last December could be found every weekend on Seventh St. near Pennsylvania Ave. SE behind a table full of antique maps and prints.    

But don’t let his place at the end of the street fool you. Rall helped give the market a new beginning. For more than 35 years from 1984 to 2011, Tom Rall organized Sunday vending near Eastern Market, bringing vendors from all over the country and the world to Capitol Hill and changing the nature of the market and the neighborhood. His work would help found multiple businesses and impact many lives. 

But, he said, the biggest impact was on his own.

Coming to DC 
Hailing from Middleport, Ohio, Rall graduated from Kent State in 1969. A conscientious objector, he came to DC to take an alternate service position with the United Methodist Church, leaving behind a career as a journalist.

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