The Flea Market at Eastern Market celebrated its 35th anniversary in 2018. The Flea Market, which boasted on its third year of operations that it had exhibitors from five states, has since hosted exhibitors from five continents!

In order to make way for development of the site, on May 17, 2015, the flea moved its location off of the Hine Jr. High School Yard, on which it operated for 22 years.  The market has moved to a closed-to-vehicle 7th Street SE, creating along with outdoor vending at Eastern Market, a 2 block street festival.  We currently host up to 70 exhibitor spaces.

Though not the largest flea market, it is arguably one of the most diverse in the nation. It was once voted second best in the world by a Huffington Post poll! The Flea Market features arts, crafts, antiques, collectibles, and imports from around the world. Exhibitors know what they’re selling. Many have actually made their products.

The Flea Market has served as an incubator of many small businesses.  Some have settled in the Flea Market neighborhood and another became a large chain of jewelry stores around the country: examples of the many of our exhibitors whohave gone on to grow their business into real brick and mortar enterprises.

Many stores and mall kiosks that still prosper on Capitol Hill, in Adams Morgan and across the region, started as a stand on Sundays at Eastern Market.

The Flea Market takes place 10 AM to 5 PM every Sunday, year round. It operates on 7th Street SEbetween C Street and Pennsylvania Avenue SE on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC. The location is ideal, sitting between the Eastern Market metro station on the south and historic Eastern Market itself on the north.

Flea Market Enters 35th Season

2018 marks the 35th anniversary the Flea Market at Eastern Market, created by Tom Rall on the Eastern Market sidewalk and farmers line when Eastern Market itself was closed on Sundays. Through most of those years, Tom, and then DMM 13 years ago, relied on a trusted, time-tested, reliable individual to keep track of all of the hundreds (nay thousands?) of exhibitors that have exhibited with us, Vernon Burnett...

As of last Friday, Vernon has determined he is hanging it up. I wish to express my deep gratitude and appreciation for his commitment for many years spent with both DMM and Tom in providing a much needed service in managing exhibitor reservations, payments, status and reports as well assistance on site at the Flea Market...