Find unique and wonderful items offered by our long standing participants. All have made considerable investments in their businesses and towards making the market experience a rich and enjoyable one. Click on the links to see each exhibitor's info, and then stop by to see them at the Market. Please note, exhibitors may rotate and/or may not be at the Market every Sunday. Contact us if you are looking for someone or something particular.

Jennifer's Handicrafts
Mu & Jirasin Saratis

Jennifer’s Handcrafts features fashion & handmade jewelry, a vast collection of original cigar boxes and a large gallery of Old Washington D.C photographs printed on high quality Swiss canvas.
     Lilypad Designs
Susan Johnson

Hand made jewelery by Susan featuring unique designs including earrings and glass-encased pendants of postage stamps, origami paper and pottery shards.
Yang Ku Designs
Yang Ku

A vast collection of recycled jewelry made by Yang from things like typewriter keys, scrabble board pieces and other chotchkies of yesteryear. Check out the the lego cufflinks!
Amano Artisans
Carolina Lara

Handcrafted Jewelry and Accessories from Colombia.
     D Collections
Dilek Uzun

Custom fashion jewelry